We aim to pioneer the standard of quality by which everyone else is judged.

With the use of cutting-edge technology, we design and manufacture pharmaceutical bottles & closures that are a class apart in their quality & consistency. Our product's consistency and reliability are among the highest because:

Extreme Automation

Extreme automation technology increases the consistency of our products remarkably. It's a sophisticated technology of various autonomous machines such as AMRs, cobots, industrial arms, packing machines etc., communicating with each other and adapting to complete the entire process flow efficiently. It additionally reduces the probability of contamination.

Real-Time QC Systems

We perform real-time on-line quality testing alongside data integration to ensure an error-free and seamless product release. 100% of all finished products go through an automated multi-camera visual check and weighing system.

Electronic Quality Management Software

Electronic quality management software employed from raw material to finished goods allows for real-time and error-free batch analysis and releases.

Quality Certifications

We are certified by

Manufacturing Facility

ISO 9001:2015


Manufacturing Facility

ISO 15378:2017


Manufacturing Facility


DMF 036675
DMF 037264

Manufacturing Facility

Canadian DMF

MF 2022-108