With a client-focused approach driven by sustainability, we specialize in manufacturing HDPE bottles, Child Resistant caps, and Continuous Thread caps. The products are known for their dimensional accuracy in addition to brilliance in finishing.



Our Child Resistant caps and Continuous Thread caps maintain superior quality standards. Our caps undergo rigorous quality checks and various automated inspections before they are dispatched.

Our caps are available in 28 mm, 33 mm, 38 mm, 45 mm and 53 mm sizes.

A multi-camera inspection system for quality assurance
To deliver only the best to our customers, we unfailingly conduct a 100% visual inspection of all closures via a multi-camera inspection system. The system is made with leading-edge technology to guarantee accuracy and perfection.

Advanced equipment for mass production and consistency
Our company has the capacity to manufacture 600 million Child Resistant caps and over a billion Continuous thread caps in just one year. Owning to the efficiency of our machines, we can produce bulk orders in significantly less time with 100% dimensional accuracy and superior quality

Features of our Child Resistant and Continuous Tread caps
- 2D and 3D bar-code printing on closures as per the client’s demands

Special features of Child Resistant caps:
Textual as well as visual instructions for opening and closing:
- On the top part of every Child Resistant cap, we have a trademark design that combines pictorial and textual instructions to open and close the cap.
- Push Down and Turn To Open mechanism: The mechanism ensures easy usage and safety from accidental opening.

HDPE Bottles

HDPE bottles

Our bottles are available in different sizes ranging from 30 cc, 40 cc, 60 cc, 85 cc, 100 cc, 120 cc, 150 cc, 200 cc, 250 cc, 300 cc, 400 cc, 500 cc, 625 cc, 750 cc, 850 cc, 950 cc, 1300 cc, 1500 cc and we are increasing our portfolio with more capacities.

We are one of the fastest-growing HDPE bottle manufacturers in India, with a capacity to produce 450 million bottles annually and growing. Our products go through the industry’s most demanding quality checks and inspections before being released. These bottles are used worldwide to package vitamins, OTC drugs, prescription drugs, and other products.

Most notable features of our product:
Variety of sizes to meet every need
Visual inspection for 100% safety
Each bottle undergoes a rigorous visual inspection, where we use 11 camera inspection systems to ensure each product adheres to our strict quality standards.