Who We Are

We are a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, artists, businessmen, architects, army commandos, pilots, engineers, and chemists adopting the best learnings from various industries and integrating them to optimize our end-to-end business cycle of the supply chain, manufacturing and quality systems to deliver the world’s highest quality products via sustainable means at an unparalleled value. In this case, pharmaceutical bottles & closures.
The company is strongly inclined towards maintaining the highest quality standards, which form the cornerstone of its manufacturing process. Ensuring customer satisfaction without fail and maintaining the quality of products while being mindful of the environmental impact is one of the unique aspects of Product Armor. End-to-end automation makes manufacturing seamlessly consistent and faster. Moreover, the company employs a rigorous real-time inspection strategy that surpasses the existing industry standards of quality.


At product Amour, we employ next generation cutting edge technology at every production step.


At Product Armor, we employ next-generation cutting-edge technology at every production step.

With a client focused approach that is driven by sustainability, we specialize in the manufacture of HDPE bottles and CR/CT caps.

Product Armor

With a client-focused approach that is driven by sustainability, we specialize in the manufacturing of HDPE bottles, Child Resistant caps, and Continuous Thread caps.

We are one of the fastest growing HDPE bottle manufacturers in the country, with a capacity to produce 450 million bottles annually.


As a sustainability practice-focused manufacturer, we are one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers in the world.